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Office furniture – “Office” series

Fabryka Mebli Biurowych - B104 Express Office

The “Office” series includes furniture created through combination and improvement of the technology used in several legacy furniture systems. Additionally, brand new, elegant and practical

forms and accessories have been included in the series. As the Office Furniture Factory, we make sure there is a huge design potential within the series – a feature highly desired when office space is designed and arranged. A wide range of such elements as desktops, desks, cabinets, chests of drawers, desk extensions, containers, tables, partition walls, partitions, modesty panels and many other elements ensures an array of available options. Additionally, panels of two different colours can be combined in a single piece of furniture. Now, that is truly something!

What is more, for those customers who need to arrange their office spaces in as little time as possible, we have separated selected items from the “Office” series to create the “Express Office” collection. Customers who select this offer receive the ordered furniture in 5 weekdays from the date of placing the order. All elements are available in five most widely chosen colours: beech wood, alder, calvados, maple wood and California walnut.


Office furniture – study furniture series

Our study furniture is also very popular among the customers. Linnari, Rio, Royal and Lotus system furniture represents top and state of the art design. B.M. Office Furniture Factory offers numerous other solutions for a modern office.

Fabryka Mebli Biurowych - Vision B

Stylish, elegant and very practical office furniture is the source of inspiration and motivation. As satisfied customers who have selected our products often say – “Working in such conditions is simply enjoyable”. The aesthetics and workmanship precision behind each, even the smallest element is quite simply breathtaking. Innovative technical solutions used in our products ensure superior quality and durability, whereas the feel of luxury and the comfort of use are undoubtedly key advantages of our office furniture systems.